Are you looking for your new home address in DC or MD or interested in becoming a real estate investor... I can help!

Do you need your credit score boosted to allow you to have the best rates when it comes to purchasing a home, car, etc.... I can help!

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Real Estate Services

Buying or selling a home can be a daunting task, if you're not properly prepared. The array of real estate terms, deciding on which neighborhoods are best, or picking the best deal on the block stays on the top of all minds. Let's not forget the advice from "they" and "them" to showcase themselves as experts. In a nutshell, the process can resemble a roller coaster ride, without the seat belt.Sounds like fun, right?

Our team is passionate about turning your fear and hesitations into one of the best rides of your life! Yes, we are that cool and confident! The impact of homeownership can have lasting effects on families and communities, which is why we partner with emerging and smart businesses to make your visions a reality. Whether it is through our professional networking or creative structuring of a real estate transaction, our team serves the "Preferred" treatment from the start to after closing.

Introduce yourself to a new way of real estate!

Credit Repair/ Restoration Services

Having a favorable credit score is just as necessary as having oxygen. If you don't have the desirable score that mortgage lenders, landlords, auto companies, employers, utility, businesses, or insurance companies require, life tends to suffocate you. Learning these secrets to having a great credit profile was not a required course in school, so learning it as an adult can be very scary and expensive.

How can our team help? While my team celebrates seeing clients WIN, having access to credit solutions is a crucial option to keeping individuals empowered. We believe credit scores don't define who you are, but rather highlights a "life" moment which can be corrected. We are here to make life easier!

We educate you every step of the way, so that you are empowered to make the necessary changes and continue to manage your credit long after your time with us.  Whether you desire to start/succeed in your business, buy a home, get a job, or just live a better life, great credit is essential to your success.

Learn how to get a ridiculous new credit score !!

Personal Development

Personal growth and self development is a lot like buying a vacant home. There is nothing there except opportunity for expansion, growth, and improvement. Once a contractor sees the potential, he invests in the home, brings improvements to the land, and has multiple experts converting the vacant home to a completed project that shines on the entire block.

I like to look at our personal and business life as always being under construction. What is the foundation that makes us communicate better, work smarter, earn income, and personally grow? You named it..personal growth! The secret to success lies in personal growth and development.

Learn more about expanding your personal growth and success strategies!

Get 'Unleashed'

The Unleashed Collection is a motivational brand, a logo, and a confident attitude that is derived from personal experiences.  As a spin off from author, Lorie Woodruff's motivational book, Unleash Your Irresistibility, Secrets To Making Every Man Want You, this motivational collective line captures the essence of personal, spiritual, and professional attraction for both men and women.  The Unleash Your Irresistibility approach is completely different.  It's more than a collection about sex or relationships, it's about waking up and being alive, being expressive, being authentic, and most importantly, being you.  It's about healing every false thought you've ever had about personal and business relationships. 

We're going to Unleash the real deal! 

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